Gingko Press l Marcus Field und Mark Irving
Seite 106 ff: Loft in Munich
Entwurf: Dipl.Ing. Siggi Pfundt

ISBN 3927258830
LOFT (Architecture Tools) l Federico Motta Editore
Seite 162 ff: Loft a Monaco
Entwurf: Dipl.Ing. Siggi Pfundt
ISBN 8871793498
Feierabend Unique Books
Seite 920 ff: Wohnung in München
Entwurf: Dipl.Ing. Siggi Pfundt

 ISBN 3936761108
                                     Auszug aus "Lofts":

Five sliding plywood panels hanging from a steel rail in this apartment in central Munich separate the private spaces for bathing and sleeping from themain living and working areas. This inventive and flexible solution to partitioning is the work of Siggi Pfundt, architect of the loft.

In order to retain the original character of the former factory, the loft was renovated using simple materials and methods. The original concrete floor is painted in the living area, a custom-made stainless-steel unit functions as a kitchen and the bathtub is reclaimed from Pfundt's grandmother's garden. In the sleeping area, beech strip flooring has been laid to differentiate the space from the living room.

The most have been made with wit as well as practical considerations in mind. This includes a ceiling for the lavatory cubicle constructed from wired glass, a former dumb waiter has been converted into a sort of shrine/chimney ensemble.